Achievers Info I

Our achievers have distinguished themselves in more ways than we can enumerate here but here is a little more about them.

Galisa Rae Ferrell
Valedictorian of
2011 Graduating Class of
Joel Elias Spingarn High School, Washington, D. C.
In spite of personal obstacles that would deter others Galisa has become stronger through her adversity. Galisa is a leader in the school environment as well as in the community. She assists school staff after school with various projects, participates in the marching band and is a member of the Girls Varsity Basketball Team. She maintains a 3.8 GPA while participating and assisting wherever she can.
Galisa was accepted at these colleges/universities:
Randolph-Macon College
Ashland, Virginia
Delaware State University
Dover, Delaware
University of Tampa
Tampa, Florida
Virginia State University
Petersburg, Virginia
Virginia Union University
Richmond, Virginia
Galisa accepted enrollment at Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia and has begun to attend classes there.
Galisa Rae Ferrell
Galisa Rae Ferrell
Yolander Ferrell-Sermon
Galisa's Mother
James Sturdivant,
Director FAMILY Foundation
Galisa Rae Ferrell
Kristen Reynolds,
American Institute for Research
Galisa's Application essay.

A major social issue that seems to be everywhere today is domestic violence. I choose this issue because it has been in the media a lot recently. Many athletes and celebrities have assaulted their partners. Before, domestic violence was a topic that was kept in the dark. It was never discussed enough. Now, it is very public but, in my opinion, not taken seriously enough. These people in the public eye are setting horrible examples. They are abusing their loved ones and without consequences. This is sending a message that it is alright. This issue has a bad impact on society, and also on my personal life. I have not experienced domestic violence, but I have witnessed it on far too many occasions. I do not believe enough is done in today’s society to end or prevent these horrible violent acts. I think if we want to change things, our priority should be rightfully punishing those who commit this crime in the public eye. This will send the message that we do in fact take domestic violence very serious. Hopefully this would discourage others to assault anyone, especially those in their own homes. I have grown up in an environment where domestic violence isn’t accepted, but sometimes taken lightly. This is an issue that it is everyone’s responsibility to speak out, and make some sort of effort to change. This is important to me because many times victims of domestic violence are females. Not to say that it doesn’t happen to males, but majority of victims are females. I am a female, so you can see why this hits home with me. It hurts to hear about young women being abused, and even killed by their loved ones for whatever reason. I am determined to contribute everything I can to help decrease this problem. I believe if everyone pledges the same, we will see a change. I just hope it happens soon.

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