Chairman's Message


Role Models.


I attended the graduation for one of the 2012 award recipients and heard a very interesting speech from one of the graduates. She was not the Valedictorian nor did she hold any class office. What she had to say surprised me and it may well surprise you.

Norma Gomez is a graduate of Alliance College-Ready Academy High School #7 in Los Angeles, CA. This is the essence of what Norma had to say:

When looking for a role model you need not look any further than your mirror! Norma’s entire speech revolved around the fact that you are the only person who knows what you want and are capable of achieving. You must set your own standard for excellence then strive to achieve it. Are you not your own worst critic? Just as you listen to your own self criticism, you must listen to your own self motivation in order to achieve your goals. You know your capabilities and what you can become. Thus you are your only and best role model. Whatever you want to accomplish, you must look inside yourself and find the strength to achieve those goals you have established for yourself. She went on to say it’s alright to take information, advice, and counsel from others. However when it’s time for you to follow, follow your heart.

Does any of this sound familiar to the way we approach our lives? We are always looking to others for a role model and say "I want to do it like they did it!" The fact is you can't do it like they did it. You can only do it like you do it because you are you and not anyone else but you. It brings to mind the observation often said, "if only I had that to do over again I would do it differently". So sorry, if you had it to do again you would do it the same way. We are who we are and we are each an individual unlike any other.

What we can do is learn from our past experiences. There are no mistakes. We do what we intend to do whether a conscious or sub-conscious act. Thus we are the sum-total of our life experiences. What we did in the past has made us what we are now. When you look in the mirror, think of what you did to be the person you see. No one else made you what you are but you.

God made us all in his image. However, he promised he would never take from us our right or ability to choose. We have chosen who and what we are by the choices we have made. Sometimes it’s necessary to search for those choices that affected an eventual outcome but they are there. No one can take anything from you that you have not first decided to release.

So remember when you ask "Who is responsible for this mess?" Look in the mirror. The only person you can influence or change is yourself. If you want world peace, then be at peace with yourself. Nobody will listen to your argument for peace unless you are at peace.


Lastly remember this....You change the world by the choices you make!

  1. You already have all the answers.
  2. You have to look inside yourself to find them.
  3. You have to be quiet to hear them.
  4. You have to find your special place to be quiet.
  5. You have to go there as often as you deem necessary.
  6. No one is coming.
  7. Listen.

Believe it, Receive it, Claim it, It’s yours!



Clarence A. Sturdivant

F.A.M.I.L.Y. Foundation 4Learning
Family for the Advancement of Matriculation In Learning Youth