Coming Soon!
We are planning an e-store. What, you may ask is an e-store?
Very simply it is an exchange of items facilitated online.
The e-store will have donors and customers.
    1. Donors - 
         will donate items of value to the foundation by sending a full description of the item(s) 
         including pictures if available, to the foundation contact email. 
         The dollar value of the item should also be included in the email.
     2. Customers -
         will receive items of value either via charitable gift from the foundation or purchase 
         depending on the financial circumstance of the customer.
     3. The BDSNM Family Foundation
         will act as a clearing house to match donors with perspective customers
         If it is to be a purchase the funds will be paid to the foundation.
         If it is to be a gift the foundation will arrange for shipment of the item to the recipient. 
     4. Finally when the transaction is complete the donor will receive a donor's receipt 
         from the foundation which can be used for tax purposes.
There will be an e-store page on this website which will list all donated items available.
Please make a list of all the items you have of value that you no longer need and wish to expunge from your place of residence and send it to us so that we can be about the business of facilitating Family helping Family!
Let's make the BDSNM Family Foundation website the place to look first when you have a need to give or receive!