Scholarship Criteria

F.A.M.I.L.Y. Foundation 4 Learning Educational Scholarships will be awarded annually to high school graduates for educational expenses at accredited post-secondary school institutions of education.
Applications must be received by April 1, 2021, 12 Midnight.


Scholarship Criteria


The following are the criteria that the student must meet in order to qualify for a scholarship: 

o  Applicant must have no prior college enrollment.

o  Applicant must be graduating in the current year with a minimum scholastic GPA of 2.5.

o  Applicant must provide proof of enrollment in an accredited post-secondary school institution of education.

o  Applicant’s total family income cannot exceed four times the Federal Poverty Level for the number of family members living in the household for the current year.
(See URL:

   o  Applicant must meet the citizenship eligibility requirements of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

o  Applicant must be in the process of completing or have completed an application for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

o  Applicant must provide their Data Release Number (DRN) and a copy of their SAR (Student Aid Report).

o  Applicant must provide full household financial disclosure including other financial assistance.

 Other important information:

If the applicant is awarded a scholarship, they must maintain all qualification requirements each year. Failure to qualify will cause elimination from the program. Applicants who do not receive an award can reapply in 12 months if there is still no prior college enrollment.



  1. Each grant will total $1,200 in value to be awarded in 4 installments. (250, 300, 300, 350)
  2. Grants will be awarded in the continental United States of America. 
  3. The number of grants can be increased by the availability of grant sponsors and qualified applicants who excel in the evaluation process.
  4. An Achievement Bonus award may be made to the top qualifier when certain conditions are met.

a.    The candidate must attain the highest rating of all applicants in our evaluation process.
b.    That highest rating must exceed a rating standard.
c.    Graduating GPA must exceed 4.0.
d.    The value of the award will depend on available sponsorship.
e.    The nature of the Achievement Bonus will be determined by the needs of the recipient.

  1. Funding may take ten to thirty days after receipt of all authentication data.
  2. A "Personal Financial Management" training bonus may be offered in addition to the initial award.


Evaluation Process


  1. Application packages will be evaluated by the Education Evaluation Committee using the “Blind Review” process.
    The identity of the applicant is known only to the “Coordinator” and is not published until final awards are made by the Family Foundation Board of Directors.

  2. Specific criteria approved by the board of directors will be used to evaluate applications.

  3. Upon completion of the review process, the finalists will be forwarded to the board of directors with recommendations for final approval.

  4. Identity of applicants will remain anonymous until the board of directors has voted on the final recipients.

  5. Application Packages are evaluated based on need, academics and total quality of package in that order.
    Specific categories evaluated:     
    1. Applicant’s need for assistance
    2. Financial Resources for college (including Federal Pell Grant eligibility amount)
    3. High School Transcript (academics)
    4. Essays (two are required and rated on content, organization, vocabulary and language use, grammar usage and mechanics)
    5. Letters of recommendation
    6. Volunteer work and community service
    7. Honors and awards
    8. Extracurricular Activities
    9. Quality of the total application package

  1. Upon evaluation, each category will receive points within a specific range. The maximum possible score is 100%. A minimum score of 75% is generally acceptable but not required to qualify for an award.

  2. Final decision on awards is made by the Family Foundation 4 Learning Board of Directors.
Clarence Anthony Tony Sturdivant,
Feb 16, 2021, 7:31 PM
Clarence Anthony Tony Sturdivant,
Feb 16, 2021, 7:31 PM