Past Scholarship Achievers

Congratulations to our first class of Scholarship achievers!
Four outstanding high school graduates have received scholarships from our foundation in 2011.
Michelle Coronado of Los Angeles, CA., Galisa Rae Ferrell of Washington, D. C., Teanna Dawntia Glass of Atlanta, GA. and Shantinay Lashay Barnes of Atlanta, GA. All of these students exemplify the criteria of the F.A.M.I.L.Y. Foundation and are the top four students of our evaluation process.
 Michelle Coronado
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Michelle Coronado, of Los Angeles, California graduated Class Valedictorian from College-Ready Academy High School #7. During her entire high school career Michelle has maintained a GPA in excess of 4.1, she has been ranked number one in her class and has been selected to the Principal's Honor Roll. Michelle's College Counselor speaks of her work ethic, motivation and involvement as distinguishing factors that continue to allow her to flourish academically.  

 Galisa Rae Ferrell
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Galisa Rae Ferrell, of Washington D. C. graduated Class Valedictorian from Joel Elias Spingarn High School for her graduating class of 2011. She has maintained that position since her freshman year of high school. Galisa has been a leader by example maintaining a 3.8 GPA. Her College Counselor states "She has been a positive, respectful and determined student with a strong desire to continue her post-secondary education and become a productive citizen".
 Teanna Dawntia Glass
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Teanna Dawntia Glass, of Atlanta, Georgia graduated number two in her class from South Atlanta School of Law and Social Justice. Having maintained a GPA of 3.7 through graduation Teanna has always displayed remarkable leadership among her peers and within her community. Teanna at an early age became involved with an all-girls group called "Intellectual Ladies". By leading various sessions and coordinating community service projects she contributed to the success of the group. As she became more involved in Intellectual Ladies through middle and high school her leadership skills have continued to flourish.

Shantinay Lashay Barnes
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Shantinay Lashay Barnes, of Atlanta, Georgia graduated ranked number nine in her class from South Atlanta School of Law and Social Justice. Having maintained a GPA of 3.0. Shantinay has shown herself to be a leader among her peers and displays an intellect, maturity and grace beyond her years. Shantinay is a well rounded person who constantly gives back to her community. Her passion for helping others has led her to volunteer with several organizations in Metroplitan Atlanta. She works with people of all ages and tutors both her peers and elementary students at Humphries Elementary. As an active member of the Army Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, Shantinay held the rank of Cadet Major and performed volunteer work with this group.

You Change the World with the choices you make!
Each recipient has been awarded a $1,000 grant funded in the amount of $250 per year over a four year period.