Our Name

The Bidgood, Dargan, Sturdivant, Nance, McClain (BDSNM) Foundation has been renamed to more closely reflect our primary purpose and goal. Since our primary goal is to educate youth especially those who have financial challenges we are now:
"Family for the Advancement of Matriculation In Learning Youth Foundation".
Thus the title on the first page of our website is now: 
"f.a.m.i.l.y.  foundation 4 learning".
We also have a new URL which is www.family4learning.org
Our corporate name has not changed and should the URL www.bdsnmfamilyfoundation.org be used it will still bring you to this same website. 
We also have a new email address to contact us directly.
We are in the process of improving our services and operations so please check this site periodically to keep up with all of the changes.