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Welcome to the F.A.M.I.L.Y. (Family for the Advancement of Matriculation In Learning Youth) Foundation website, thank you for coming! You have an opportunity to participate in an exciting organization whose purpose is to provide educational and financial support to families in need. We give special attention to the children in those families.

If you are a student and high school senior graduating next year and you want to apply for one of our scholarships please first go to the "Scholarship Criteria" page to see if you qualify. If you qualify then go to the "Scholarships Bulletin" page to get your adrenalin flowing and print a few copies to hand out to your friends. Then when you are ready to apply go to the "College Scholarships" page to apply.

If you are a single "Head of Household" looking for financial assistance please go to the "Family Financial Aid" page to apply.   

If you would like to volunteer to help us to provide assistance to those in need there are several ways for you to help this organization do the work it is chartered to do. We need both monetary contributions and human skills to provide these services. We are now accepting tax deductible contributions in any form you choose. Our online PayPal account accepts major credit and debit cards, e-checks and bank transfers. You can also send hand written checks to our corporate offices in Moorpark, California. To make a donation please go to the "Contributions" page.

We are constantly seeking to improve and expand our services. Please watch the "What's New" page to keep abreast of the latest improvements.

The "Chairman's Message" is always a good place to get a little inspirational reading.

Please feel free to acquaint yourself with our "Board of Directors" and our "Advisory Board". The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the direction of this organization. Our Advisory Board is there to provide knowledgeable advice and counsel to the Board of Directors on issues requiring their attention.

The "Partners" page lists the various levels of contribution available for you to participate in. Remember no amount is too small because every single cent helps us to help others. The "Thank You" page lists all of those who have found a way to lend their financial support to our efforts.

If you have an item you would like to donate of any value you can list it on our "e-store" page. If you are looking for a specific item you can possibly find it on the e-store page as items are added to this page for sale. When you sell an item on this page we ask that you donate the proceeds of the sale to our foundation.  

Comments, suggestions, questions, improvements, criticisms or just a word to us please go to our "Comments" page and leave us a note or two.

                 Wherever you are on this site please know that we sincerely appreciate your visiting us.
                                                 Thank you for coming. Now tell a friend!